• ACROBATIC YOGA Now Available!!!!!!

    Acrobatic yoga cultivates trust, connection, and playfulness. This practice combines elements of partner yoga, acrobatics, and thai massage. In this playgroup we are led through circle ceremony, asana, partner flow, massage, therapeutic flying, inversions, spotting, and partner acrobatics. Come with a willingness to be brave and blissful!

    Note: You’ll be working with a partner in class and there’s no need to bring your own. Beginners are welcome.


    Heather Isobel offers her vital voice to the traditional yoga mix, inspiring exploration and trust. Her classes are an invigorating web of relaxation and action, strength and flexibility, connection and release. Through her playful sacred practice you’ll find new ways to connect with your body while having fun. Heather is certified by GymnasticsUSA and runs Got Raw Food, a global guide for raw living.

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    Benefits of Acrobatic Yoga Practice:

    • Increases Strength.

    • Increases Flexibility.

    • Improves balance.

    • Relieves Stress.

    • Improves circulation.

    • Increases awareness of proper body alignment.

    • Encourages partner trust and support.

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