• Aerial Arts in Orange County! Come in, Have Fun, and Learn Tricks!

    With instructors whose backgrounds range from National Cheerleading Flyers to Flying Trapeze Artists to Cirque du Soleil, Aerial Fitness Orange County’s Staff is diverse and unique.
    We are here to teach you these amazing skills and have fun!
    You will learn: Aerial Silks(Tissu), Lyra(Ring), and Trapeze

    We will teach you everything from Climbing to a basic foot lock to Rolls and Drops that will make your Palms sweat!!!
    We focus on SAFETY FIRST, FUN SECOND, and Fitness third.
    You will gain amazing strength, confidence, balance, and watch your waist shrink!

    Call today:
    Back Bay Fitness: 949-631-5587 ( Costa mesa )
    Athletic Club for Women: 949-646-6275 (Newport beach )
    Rukkus Training: 949-331-6288 (Garden Grove )

    Check out our Tricks of the week:

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