Building Strength and Performance





    We Define our Aerial Arts Program as a systematic progression of tricks where one trick leads to another. Everything you will do in these classes has a purpose. You will Master the basics before moving on to more advanced tricks, but with hard work, this progression is quick.

    We value safety, First, and FUN, second. By keeping to this Mission, you will advance at your own pace. You will attain your goals, and we will be right there with you every step of the way.

    Our Aerial program will teach you everything from the basic foot lock to full routines in the Silks, on the Lyra, and on the Trapeze. You tell us what apparatus you have always wanted to try/master, and we will help you achieve that goal.
    We have some of the best instructors in California to help you attain skills only seen in the best Performances.
    If you are willing to put in the work, we will get you to the TOP!!!

    Please see our Schedule Page to see all the different times and Class types:

    Classes range from Silk to Hammock to Hoop and Trapeze

    Class Levels

    • Beginner Skills
    • Intermediate Skills
    • Performance



    • Aerial Silk (Tissu)
    • Lyra (Hoop)
    • Trapeze
  • Aerial Fitness

    Building Core Strength


    Beginner Classes

    Beginner, Aerial  classes are designed to increase strength and body awareness, so that you will have the

    ability and strength to learn tricks on the various apparatus. Our Beginner program covers a wide spectrum

    of tricks and training. If you are a first timer or have minimal past experience, we recommend you jump

    into the Beginner classes.

    Your instructor will tell you when you are ready to move up.

    We use the Lyra, Silks and Trapeze to keep your workouts varied and FUN!



    Class Levels

    • Aerial Fitness
    • Fitness Circuit Training


  • Teens & Kids

    building strength, confidence and FUN!


    We are proud  of our Kids and Teen Aerial Program!

    We will train our new students in all the same methods as our adults, but the programs will be designed to incorporate eye/hand coordination, strength and balance, and confidence.

    Classes will not necessarily be divided by age, but rather, by skill level. We believe that it is our job to advance each child/teen at his/her own rate. We will not hold anyone back based on age. If your son or daughter has a talent, we will help to further these skills.

    Please call and let us know the age of your child and any previous experience in gymnastics or Aerial Arts.



    • Aerial Silks (Tissu)
    • Lyra (Hoop)
    • Basic Dance
    • Gymnastics
    • Juggling and more!