• Two New Amazing Staff Members!

    Aerial Fitness Orange County would like to introduce you to Jesse and Val. Jesse is Internationally recognized for both his Lyra(Hoop) skills and teaching ability as well as Net Work and Acro-Balancing. If you haven’t seen NET work, now you can see it, DO it, and become proficient at NET. 

    Val is a Flying Trapeze Artist with a passion for Acro-Balancing too. Together, Jesse and Val will help drive your Passion and Skills in the Aerial Arts.

    Combining their Skill Sets with our Resident Aerialist, Adrian, our Team is Now Complete. Everyone is full of Passion and Drive, and they Love to Teach.

    Call and  Book your Classes today.

    Lyra, Silks, Trapeze


    Amazing New Talent

    Amazing New Talent



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